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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
26. Married. Originally from California. Living in Germany.
Speaks: English, Spanish, German

I'm a, well, a chick... and a bit of geek. I love science fiction and fantasy, music, video games, and art. I write admittedly-not-so-fantastic fanfiction, obsess over all things TES, and design/devolop websites.

I'm currently working on improving my drawing and am taking some time to plan out and write a story. Here's hoping all goes well.

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
-Albert Einstein
I'm going to use this space to keep track of my stories. :]
What's New:
[30 March] draft of The Kiegen - Chapter 2
[20 April] draft of The Kiegen - Chapter 3
[5 November] new story! The Fallen Lord - Chapter 1
[6 November] complete rewrite of The Kiegen - Chapter 1
[7 November] complete rewrite of Dark Matter - Chapters 1-4
[8 November] complete rewrite of The Kiegen - Chapter 2
[13 November] complete rewrite of The Kiegen - Chapter 3
[14 November] The Kiegen - Chapter 4

Important Note: The most updated versions will either be on Fictionpress,, or on my website.

Original Fiction:

The Fallen Lord - FP
Rated M. Fantasy.
WIP. [1ch]
They underestimated him; his power, his cunning, his thirst for revenge. They thought they could take it all and leave him with nothing, but they were wrong. Soon they'll remember why they once called him Lord of the Fallen.

The Kiegen
Rated T. Fantasy/Science Fiction.
Note: This story is currently being written. Hidden for now.

HP Fanfiction:

Dark Matter - HPFF -
Warnings: Adult Situations & Nudity. Unhealthy Relationships. AU. Dark!Fic.
WIP. [4ch]

Mature Content

Dark Matter Ch.2
Chapter 2: Last Meal
When Vira arrived to the dinning room, she wasn't surprised to find that the others had already started on their breakfast without her. She glanced about, taking advantage of the fact that no one had yet noticed her arrival. The room hadn't seemed to change much over the years.
It was much like all the other rooms in the manor; impeccably designed with great taste and impressive furnishings. One side was dominated by several windows that nearly reached the very tall ceilings, letting in an almost alarming amount of light from the still early morning. The walls themselves were light charcoal in color and lined with an attractive floral pattern barely a shade darker. Strategically placed about the room were small tables that held a variety of no-doubt expensive items, from vases to sculptures to a few antiquated but unimportant books.
As her eyes finally settled on the absurdly large table that dominated the room, she found herself greeted by two sets of equal

Mature Content

Mature Content

Vira is a woman with a dark secret, a hidden past, and a preplanned future. Her whole life has been in preparation for this. But when the time comes, can she actually go through with it?

The Wyvern & The Serpent - HPFF -
WIP. [3ch] ON HOLD
There have been two depictions of the Wyvern throughout history - those adorned on the shields and crests of noble men, and those said to be born of the fires of hell.

Of Snakes & Consequence - HPFF -
WIP. [1ch] ON HOLD
Lucinda is a Slytherin and a pureblood. Her family is old-fashioned, she's bright, and she's tough; even in these unpredictable times her future is looking good. There's only one problem. She thinks she's falling for a Gryffindor. And not just any Gryffindor, no, that would be too easy. No, the object of her misguided affections is none other than Ron Weasley. ~ Written for PheonixFire73's Create the OC Challenge Fic at HPFF

A Moment Like This - HPFF -
Warning: Angsty/Sappy
Complete. One-shot.
Rose must make a difficult decision. ~ Winner of MysticPheonix's A Moment Like This challenge at HPFF

Not My Life - HPFF -
Complete. [3ch] REWRITE PENDING
Severus always knew something was desperately wrong with his life. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't be the person he was expected to be. Then there was James, who made his life even worse with his relentless abuse. The only thing they had in common was their unabashed hatred for one another. So what happens when an accident leaves them trapped as the one person they never wanted to be? ~ Written for candinoxrush's Body Switching Challenge at HPFF
  • Listening to: Einsturzende Neubauten - Unvollstandigkeit


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